Follow Me!

And yes, I mean that in the metaphorical blog sense, but I really want you to do it!  If you are reading this post right now, and you do not already “Follow Me”, follow the following directions (actually, read the directions first, then follow them):

1) Scroll down the right side of the blog and stop when you see  FOLLOWERS in blue
2) Click on the little gray button that says “Follow”
3) Follow the rest of the instructions to add your name and picture if you are so inclined

Or, if you aren’t into actually coming to this site regularly (Tom), but want to get updates via an RSS Feed, scroll down a little bit more and add my blog to your Reader of choice!

Now that the word “follow” has basically lost all meaning from heavy repetition, the reason I want you to officially follow me is purely for my own self esteem.  So if you don’t give a rat’s ass about my self esteem, feel free to ignore this entire post. And if you do care, I just gave you the easiest way to show me!

Thaaaaaaaaanks 🙂

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