Quirky Wine Bottle Project

The bride for this wedding wanted to be involved with as much of the planning as possible, but we had to squeeze in at least a few surprises!  We decided to create a set of quirky decorated wine bottles.  I saw this done at another shower and LOVED the idea (Hint, hint, friends, I want this done for me too someday! I’ll pretend to act surprised.).  Basically I sat down and made a list of all the major holidays and tried to space it fairly evenly throughout the year.  Then 12 of the bride’s friends and female family members each picked a holiday and were told to GO TO TOWN on the bottle.  Be as crafty and creative as possible, as long as the bottle can still eventually be opened when the new couple is ready to enjoy it.  
I ended up with the Superbowl bottle and since it the project was my idea, I also decorated the 1st Wedding Anniversary bottle which was considered a gift from the bridesmaids as a group. I had so much fun with this! When I bought the football scrapbook stickers I was actually with the bride at Michael’s and had to tell her I was making a picture frame for  one of my nephews birthdays.  Pretty slick, right?  She totally believed me!
Now onto the pictures!

Superbowl bottle:
I bought a nice blended red wine and some scrap book stickers.  I already had this awesome brown thread wrapping “paper”.  I take wrapping gifts pretty seriously.   I simply wrapped the bottle in the thread paper first, added a brownish bow, and stuck on my stickers.  I added a little bit of crazy glue where necessary, and ta-da! Done!

1st Wedding Anniversary bottle:

When I started this one, I wasn’t really sure where I was going with it.  I couldn’t buy any of the scrapbook stickers while out with the Bride, so I had to hit up the American Greetings stores and Dollar stores in my neighborhood the next day, scrounging for something I could use.  I ended up picking up a couple of pretty metallic bows (that are actually bent on an angle instead of the typical curl, love it!) one of those 3-D pop-up cards, and some eyelet lace.  Once again, I realized I had the perfect cellophane clear and teal wrapping paper at home.

That got wrapped up first, ribbons were tied, and each of the pop-ups pieces of the card was cut out.

I found some of these awesome little foam circles that were sticky on either side so I could stick each of the cut-outs around the bottle.

I threw the extra silver metallic bow in the top of the open end of the bottle so it kinda looks like its exploding.  Ta-da!

I had so much fun with this I wish I had more reasons to make more. This might be my new signature birthday gift to friends!  And look at how creative all the other participants were!

Groom’s Birthday
Bride’s Birthday
New Year’s Eve
Valentine’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day

Great story about the St. Patrick’s Day bottle – It actually traveled all the way from Ireland for the shower! One of the bridesmaids actually lives in Ireland and couldn’t make the shower, but had a friend take it to New York for her.  So sweet!

Cinco de Mayo

Last but not least, I decided that since theses would probably be a hit at the shower and prominently displayed for the other guests to see, I should give them each a little name tag.  Of course I had perfect little silver napkin rings that have a notch cut out for inserting place cards at a dinner table, so I filled these out for each bottle ahead of time and packed it all and brought it to the shower.  When I was explaining all of this super gitty-like to my boyfriend, all I wanted to impress upon him was how he thought I would never use them the day I came home from Ikea with them. “See! I told you these would come in handy someday!”  
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