4th Annual BBQ – Long Overdue Pictures

So the barbeque was only, what, a month and a week ago? Five weeks to put up pictures – totally on time.  I wasn’t as vigilant I would have liked to have been in taking pictures, but I got a few good ones of the construction paper and paper bag decorations I made the earliest guests make for me, and a few action shots of the yard.  True to form, it was disgustingly hot out, so we scored a cheapo canopy from Riteaid for a sweet $19.99 to give our guests some shade.  I had fun playing with the different editing features on the camera so bear with me on some of the multiple shots.

Fun Paper Bag Stars

These were supposed to be stapled together to make bigger stars, but I liked them like this.

So vibrant!
The Canopy!

The Host & Hostess – keeping it cool in our shades.

Not a single picture of the food, or the fun table clothes I had on the buffet table or small appetizer table.  I am terrible, I know.  I got a lot of compliments on the hot dog marinade and the pulled pork sliders were a hit, but I definitely made too much and we had to eat if for another week! I can’t even look at the stuff until next summer.  And is it just my group of friends, or has beer pong become such a way of life that you envision yourself playing it well into your 80’s? Now I need another party to plan…anyone need my services??

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