Is it time to learn to quilt?

Everyone remembers those Rogaine commercials from way back when where the balding man is walking around town and is constantly being reminded of the fact he is balding? And maybe it is time he did something about it?

Well I’ve noticed lately that many of the bloggers I frequent have been making baby quilts.  Some are seasoned veterans, and some are trying it for the first little one.  Some are for themselves, and some are for, or from, friends.  And I recently found out that one of my best friends in pregnant!!  She is the first in my circle of friends so we are all super excited (and maybe a little freaked out! Or maybe I only speak for myself on that one? Hmmm…).  Regardless, this feels pretty new for all of us. Sure, several of my cousins have children, but unfortunately I only see them a few times a year.  This baby feels like its all of ours in the most non-creepy way. So I’m thinking…is it time I learned how to quilt?

Emily from is about to have her first little one any day now and she recently received this beauty from her mother-in-law for her nursery.  Her sister-in-law made a matching smaller blanket and a fun tag blanket for the wee one to play with.  Check out the whole post here.

Kim from made this sweet quilt for a lucky friend of hers.  The baby’s room is Mickey themed, and so was the baby shower.  What I love about the striped quilts I keep seeing is that I feel like I might be able to handle a project like this. Check out all the details here and here.

And even though baby Clara’s 1st birthday was a few months ago, I still love the quilt mama Sherry made for her over at  (I love how I talk about Clara and Sherry like I know them, I’ve just been following their blog for a long time!) They took a photo of Clara once a week for her first year, with a different piece of fabric as the background in every shot.  Then Sherry tried her hand at a “no quilting-quilt” using the different fabrics.  So sweet!

Now that I have officially said quilt so many times it has begun to lose it’s meaning…I think it’s time I get my sewing machine fixed!

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  1. Jae Lee
    Jae Lee says:

    We need to get a couple of people together, we meet regularly and work on the quilt together. It makes the work less tedious. But if you want to do simple patterns rather than really intricate ones, it may just be more fun.


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