Sometimes You Just Gotta Ask

About a week after getting engaged I walked past a store by my office and took notice of their window display.  (Sorry for the blurriness – taken on my phone in a hurry.)

Without going into too much detail, I knew we wanted old books as part of our wedding decor.  So I walked in, told them to call me crazy, but if they ever got rid of those books, to please give me a call.

And about six weeks later, I got that phone call!  Now I’ve just gotta box them up after work and get them all home tonight.  I’m considering this as earning at least $50 towards our wedding budget because I was prepared to spend $1 per book at flea markets and book sales if I didn’t score these from this store in the next 10 months (I actually have no idea how many books are in that pile, but it looks like 40 or 50). Clearly the owner of this store didn’t have to remember to call me back. But I’m so glad they did! Sometimes, you just gotta ask!

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