Wedding Fun Wednesdays – “Tie the Knot” Save the Dates – Unveiled!

Here is my first edition of “Wedding Fun Wednesdays!”. Check out my previous Wedding Fun posts here.

Remember this teaser from a few weeks ago?  Well, I am finally able to unveil our Save the Dates!  After discussing many options for the save the dates for our wedding, we finally settled on this inspiration I found on Pinterest.  You can check out some runners up here, here, here, here, and here.

Of course we wanted to make the Save the Date uniquely ours, and I’ll take any excuse to craft something.  We had this picture from our recent trip to North Carolina and we both knew we wanted to somehow incorporate it:

After some brainstorming and a few trial runs, we decided we wanted our card to open like two doors (instead of like a regular card from the inspiration photo).  We also liked the idea of incorporating more silhouettes that looked like they were holding the string/rope/ribbon.  We settled on our wording, some clip art found on the world wide web, and our decorative pieces (finally gray raffia).  Our photo would end up on the inside of the card as more of a watermark than an actual picture. We used a printing company to clean up our vision so that it would print clearly on cardstock, and had them print it all and score the folds.  We received them in the mail just a few days ago and have been spending a few hours each night working on assembling them.  Here is the finished product!


We considered letting the same printing company address the envelopes for us as well, but we wanted the cards done and still hadn’t finalized our guest list so we opted to print them out ourselves on clear labels we purchased from Staples.  We were able to add some more clip art and to use the same font we used on the invitations themselves, which we liked.  Last but not least, I picked up an ornate W stamp from Paper Presentation (I could walk around this store for hours) and attempted to match the blue ink to the card and gave it some embossing powder to give it a slight raise and shine.  It’s not all matchy-matchy, but we love how they turned out just the same!

Once we had the finished product and did the math, we realized, “DIY isn’t always cheaper, but it is certainly more ‘unique-er’ “. Yeah we had ourselves cracking up at our new motto for the wedding. Have you made any cards from scratch, or semi-scratch lately? Did you finish your holiday cards yet?  Check out my stamping fun with friends last year for holiday cards. Had I known our Save the Dates would end up going out in mid December (my goal was before Thanksgiving, oops) we might’ve swayed towards a more holiday theme to kill two birds with one stone, but I’m just opting out of the holiday cards this year.  I think my family and friends will forgive me…right guys, right?

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