Make It Mondays – CD Party Favors

Happy New Year! Hope your 2012 is treating you well so far.  We are happily recovering here.  We spent our New Year’s Eve in lower Manhattan at a dinner party.  It was a great night with new friends and old. But my favorite part of the night was receiving our party favor as we were leaving – a CD containing a copy of the all of the songs we had listened to all night!  I thought this was a great party favor and an easy DIY gift that will really mean something to each guest when they listen to it at a later time. This is something anyone can make as a parting gift to their guests for any party. Our hosts really went the extra mile to make it a great night for everyone!


Did you do anything fun for New Years?  Receive any fun gifts? Make anything crafty?  I’ll be back with my resolutions in a few days, when I finally figure out what it is I’m resolving to do this year!

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