Wedding Fun Wednesdays – Three Month Status Update

So my last update was at the three week mark – and baby, we’ve come a long way.  I’m gonna go ahead and say we are pretty much done doing any heavy lifting until the spring.

So this is what we’ve been doing around here:
1) I got my dress!  That’s all I’m saying about it because Tom claims he reads my blog – and he has his suit!
2) Booked the Band & Photographer & Videographer!
3) Sent out our Save the Dates!
3) Booked my bachelorette and my bridal shower! (Surprise Christmas trees are about all the big surprises I can handle, so I booked this stuff myself, but I’m relinquishing the actual plans of the bachelorette to my bridesmaids – HiMyNameIsKaylaAndImANeuroticMicroManager)
4) Started stocking up on decor items (candles, votives, favors, and other miscellaneous items that we think we might be able to use).  Since we are going the whole tent route, we’ve really gotta think of every detail because we are starting with a blank slate. 

This is what we’ve got left (and 10 long months to worry about this stuff):
1) Need to book a florist for bouquets, and minimal flowers for centerpieces.
2) Need to book transportation for our guests.
3) Need to have our tasting (next month!) and plan our our menu for the night.  We’ve got a basic list of our “need to haves” and “nice to haves” so wish us luck in our negotiations with our catering company!

We’ve got an even longer list of all the minute details that we need to accomplish in the next several months, but really, most of the big stuff is done already. There’s actually a part of me that feels a bit bummed that we got through the big decisions so quickly, but I’m glad we went full steam ahead, because many vendors we contacted were already booked. So here’s to crafting in my evenings, and scouring the internets while I should be doing work at work for the next several months!

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