Cooking FAIL

epic fail photos - College Cooking FAIL
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So I was whipping up a recipe for my Foodie Fridays edition – something totally random that I had thrown together in the crock pot that I was hoping would turn out awesome and be worth passing it along to you guys.  It started out ok….chicken went it, some veggies, a can of cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup (it was a lot of chicken breast) and some spices.  I turned it on low and went to bed.  I even woke up and remembered to take it out and leave it on the stove top so it could cool before Tom put it in the fridge before he left for work.

But that is where this recipe ends.  Because I never told Tom to put it in the fridge, and we are both the type to stayinbedtilthelastsecondthenruntoworkwithoutbreakfastorcoffee so I knew he would never even walk into the kitchen if I didn’t tell him to.  So at 2:28pm today I realized my mistake, and frantically texted “what are the odds you saw the crock pot and thought to put it into the fridge this morning???” but I already knew the answer.  So texting turned into google searching “how long can cooked chicken stay at room temperature” and although I got a few different answers, none of them were close to the 6 hour mark we were currently at.  

So I’m pretty sure we are having delivery for dinner for the next few nights because it’s going to take me a few days to get over this cooking fail.

In other news…I finally finished making the favors for my bridal shower!  But you’re not going to see them for a few more weeks since at least most if not all of my “loyal readers” are invited to the shower 🙂

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