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The Brooklyn Flea!


A few weekends ago Tom was dragged willingly attended the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene with me. The Brooklyn Flea is a flea market that takes place at two different locations in Brooklyn on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the summer. I went last year with a friend and enjoyed it a lot although I don’t recall if either one of us bought anything.  This year, I actually picked up this little dandy for $15:

Hot pink and brass, what what.

The detail is so pretty…

This year I brought my camera, but left it in the car and was too lazy to hike back to get it.  Lucky for you, I took pictures last year with my friend Jen, but never posted them.  So let’s pretend these aren’t a year old:

Creepy Tooth Collector
I deeply regret not buying this mug.

True story – I was really into plaid skirts in elementary school and had a ton of these huge safety pins.
This artist displayed her jewelry in black eyed peas and rice trays. So pretty.
Was this the prototype for the first folding chair??
Even shell casings seem pretty when there is a crap-ton of them.
Clearly I was really into the macro shots last year.
Oh look, a giant pink elephant, complete with umbrella. This would have been amazing in some rich recluse’s yard a la Edward Scissorshand, amIright?

What’s funny is that this taco is from last year, but I ordered the exact same thing this year. Go with what you know.

People also go to the Flea to eat.  I don’t think it’s quite Smorgasburg (because I’ve never been), but there are almost as many food tents as there are tchotcke tents. This was the clincher for getting Tom to take me there. Tons of vendors with delicious food, and my tacos were scrumptious. The Saturday location is a school’s playground, so everyone sits and eats in this cement step area. Apparently this is the thing to do with your infants.

My only grip with the Brooklyn Flea is that everything is pretty expensive considering half of it really is junk (but it is beautiful junk that I want to pet yet can’t bring myself to spend money on). This is not upstate-middle-of-nowhere-New-York flea market prices that I grew up going to with my mother, but it is still a nice way to kill a few hours and be outside. I know a lot of the vendors that are in Fort Greene are also at the Williamsburg location, but I haven’t made it to that spot yet (and I think it’s in an even bigger space with more vendors).  Here’s hoping I get in one more trip before the season is over (and that I remember to bring the camera).
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