Super Simple Bachelorette Survival Kits

I’m sharing the last of my wedding project posts throughout the month of October in celebration of our upcoming one year wedding anniversary! For more wedding related projects check out our Wedding Fun tab.

Being the micro-manager that I am, I kinda took the reins on planning my bachelorette party. Who is surprised by that last sentence?  I really wanted to thank my girls for being such great friends so I figured if I removed the planning they wouldn’t have to worry about it. I ended up renting a house in upstate New York and we stayed there for a long weekend last August.  Don’t let that NSFWish poster in the picture below fool  you – I was not out to celebrate the end of my single-dom. The goal was to have some serious quality girl time, maybe go out on the lake, definitely get into some mischief and laugh a lot.

It was a perfect weekend for so many reasons, and I have to thank each of my friends that were there for making it so special.  I knew I wanted to give them a few little mementos to remember the weekend by, and to help them get through the baboonery that was sure to ensue!

One of my requests was to have a “neon night” where we all dressed up in bright neon clothing (I’m sure you’ve seen a gaggle of girls all in black for many bachelorettes, I basically wanted the opposite). Thankfully neon was super trendy last summer so it was really easy for everyone to comply!

I picked up some neon sunglasses down on Canal Street (I think I haggled them down to $5 a pop) and some bright and colorful makeup bags for $3 a piece at H&M.  I stuffed them with the essentials: Advil, gum, throat drops, perfumed soaps, and of course, glow stick necklaces to complete the look!


The sunglasses came in great a few months later too 🙂

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