One Room Challenge Fall 2018 Superlatives

Ok, one more post on the One Room Challenge Fall 2018!! It is HUMBLING to flip through all of the final posted featured and guest participants. There is so much creativity and plain good design out there. So many tastes that I know might not work in my current home, so now I need to buy 6 more homes so I can replicate these ideas and spaces for myself.

I thought it would be fun to do a little superlative on some of my favorites so far. With 235 finals linked up, I’m still going through them! And if you haven’t gone directly to the page yet, you can find me at lucky number 206 – this is what happens when you link up 3 days after a deadline – oh well!

In no particular order:

Favorite new-to-me blog “voice” (and yes, her easy MCM aesthetic helps me love her even more):

Favorite kitchen that could basically be mine (white, brass, black, wicker, colored island, it’s basically my NJ kitchen):

Favorite use of graffiti (because GRAFFITI!):

Favorite boho – mod – parisian vibe mix (that ceiling medallion and chandy with the modern pieces!!):

Best use of a REAL TREE in a bedroom (and a new instagram friendship!):

Brightest basement/best use of that support column (basically everything my basement is not, ha):

Favorite embrace-ment of wood paneling (you know I’ve got a soft spot for this stuff!):

Favorite faux brick wall (can I rent this space on AirBnB please?):

Favorite room that led to a new podcast to listen to (and she recently did a retreat in my hometown!):

Most creative use of a space (talk about goals, people):

Ugh I could keep going. But I’m gonna stop. But I could keep going!! Go spread some comment love if you love any of these as much as I do.

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