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1980s Contemporary – 2018 MLS Listing Photo

1980s Contemporary – 2018 MLS Listing Photo

Ok, ok. I know you are all wondering…so what does this upstate NY 1980s Contemporary house look like? What did the central NJ 1950s Colonial look like?  I got as far as showing the before and afters of the NJ dining room, and a few holiday pics of the family room, living room, and office from the NJ house waaaay back in 2014 and then I disappeared from the internet. We loved and worked really hard on that colonial in NJ. But life changes and when we had it about 85% complete to where we wanted it, we realized it was time to move for personal reasons.

The 1950s Colonial in Spring 2014 – MLS Listing Photo

1950s Colonial in Spring 2018 – MLS Listing Photo

So, I thought it would be fun to finally document the old house and introduce the new house in tandem, room by room. While these houses are wildly different it’s fun to see how our furniture and decor has fit into each home. Some stuff fit in seamlessly. Other stuff still needs some tweaking. And I’ll talk about the things that I wish we would’ve gotten around to in the old house before we sold it. Plus I think we’ve had enough time where I can look back on the NJ pictures fondly. It was a bittersweet move, but the right move by all accounts. Look at those before and afters!

And yes, I’ll finally get into the whole house crisis of 2016, and you can finally understand or at least appreciate my PTSD with water in houses. Not to spoil the surprise, but guess what, something similar already happened in the our new home too, literally 4 days into owning it. They don’t call us the Waters family for nothing, apparently! The irony that we named our kids gods of thunder in different cultures is not lost on me either. I think there is a joke about immersion (submersion?) therapy somewhere in there too…

How’s that for a teaser post?  😀

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