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Now With Kid Friendly Medieval Theme Party Snacks!

(Huzzah! Back with yet another unexpected Friday post! I needed you guys to know this stuff.)

If you know me, you know I love a good theme party – and a good pun. One of the easiest ways to do both is to label the food you serve. I’m not the most glamorous cook so I always seek out easy recipes (or even delivery!) that lends to our theme. If you saw this post you know we’ve got a few Medieval Celebrations (my son’s 3rd birthday party and Game of Thrones viewing parties) coming up in the next few weeks. There are so many good/hilarious recipes out there, I had to put together a round up for you!

First up: The stuff I think my kids will actually eat. Great for brave knight/ warrior princess/ dragon slayer parties!

(Many of the names are GoT-based because we will reuse these for our GoT finale party a few weeks later.)

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Swords (we’ve managed to fit chocolate covered pretzel rods into every kids party we’ve ever thrown and I always enlist my mother to make these)

Fruit Swords / Cheese swords –  I picked up a pack of swords online. For the more earth friendly version, bamboo skewers work well too (Side note: I am consciously trying to reduce my plastic usage and my disposables usage in general, but sometimes something is too cute to pass up. So I’m not using disposable plates or napkins at the parties – it’s all about balance!)

Wildling Biscuits – its just cookies guys – but you put that little name tag next to it and now it’s a themed food that the adult GoT fans can appreciate!

Sansa’s Lemon Cakes

Hodor-itos. Full stop. I can barely think about this ‘recipe’ without cry-laughing.

Tyrionion Rings

Khal Drogurts

Wildling Cider  – we will just be serving regular apple cider to the kids, and some Ninepin to the adults

Game of Scones – I’ll scoop some up at a local bakery, great for our mid-morning birthday party for the adults to snack on

Next: For the Adult GoT Purists! These are all great buffet-style foods and fun drinks to serve.

White Walkers & Red Priestesses

The Flayed Man (putting all other IG cheese boards to shame)

King Robert’s Boar Ribs

Dothraki Blood Pie / Hot Pie’s Beef Pies (getting these delivered from our local empanada place!)

Bowl of Brown (beef stew)

Cured meats and cheeses are not for everyone. I love them but I also need vegetables in my meals – I searched high and low for these:

Weirwood Trees (wish me luck on searing the faces)

Dothraki Artichoke Hearts 

Cleganbowl of Corn Chowder (these names!!!)

And last but certainly not least: Podrick’s Impressive Sausage (cue the sting!)

For more (there are so many good ones!) check out these roundups:

Inn at the Crossroads (purists start here – they have a complete cookbook!)

Parade’s Top 40 Recipes

10 GoT Cocktails

So real talk – did you do any death pools? I felt like crying while filling mine out last week – I don’t want any of these characters to die! I don’t want to believe this show is really going to be over! Let’s see if any of my personal theories take shape though…and of course there’s always bragging rights to get me through my despair if I’m right…silver lining?

I hope you enjoyed some of these names and recipes as much as I did – happy hosting!

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