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Some Valentine’s Day Vignettes

I don’t normally decorate for Valentine’s Day – it was never a big holiday for me (yes I’m one of those bitter people that always called it a Hallmark Holiday (said in my best snob voice) when I was young and single, and even though I am now one half of a couple, I’m still not a fan).

But I was feeling good about some headway I’m making in giving our living room a mini face-lift (more on that soon), and figured, why the heck not.  I did some hunting around the house and came up with a few red candles and votives (btw – votive pluralized isn’t a word? I’m getting the red squiggly as I type this and I’m now slightly annoyed at Webster and Oxford).

Right. Red stuff.  So I grabbed a few things and moved a few things around on our little TV console that we picked up a few months ago from Ikea.  For comparison, this is what it usually looks like (lots of greens and golds)

And now this is what it looks like:

I had some grand ideas to make some quirky red heart paper glasses for my owl but it just wasn’t working out. So then I just cut a few up and tossed them into this footed dessert dish that houses our old corks and some driftwood I saved from my bachelorette up at Lake George this past summer.  I sprinkled a few more in the faux dirt on of my faux moss topiary on another end table and Voila! My Valentine’s Day Vignettes were complete.

I kinda dig how simple it is.

That plate was a bridal gift from my maid of honor and everything else was either gifted or thrifted. The photo is from our trip to Napa Valley in 2009 – Tom’s red shirt pops with everything else on the console.

We have some other red in the room – this Brooklyn print I gave to Tom for his birthday last year, as well as the dart board that we never use anymore.

We aren’t big on souvenirs, but we did find pick up a few things while in South Africa for our honeymoon.  I love our wooden giraffe and the carved ostrich egg is the coolest.   The photos of our parents’ weddings were displayed at our wedding and I love having them out now.  The moss and succulent wreath was another gift from one of my bridesmaids that I’m trying really hard not to kill entirely (didn’t I grow up gardening with my mom??)

Did you do any decorating for Valentine’s Day?  Is it a big holiday for you or are you like me and think of it as the official kickoff to start counting down to St Patrick’s Day?  (That’s 31 Days folks!!)

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Make It Mondays – Succulent Terrariums

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may know that succulents are going to be used in the centerpieces and general decor of our pending nuptials (mentioned here, here, and here).  Now if you can believe it – this isn’t a wedding post. After spending the past weekend upstate at my parents transplanting baby succulents into bigger containers that will eventually be for the wedding, we ended up with a few extras that I decided to take back to Brooklyn with me.

They are so leeeeetle!!

I have always loved succulents – they are generally hearty little plants that require little direct sunlight, are watered fairly infrequently, and have a shallow root system, making them ADORBS in little planters.  There are a tons of tutorials out there for making terrariums in all sorts of containers, and succulents look great as living wreaths. They seem to be pretty trendy currently in the blogosphere, with many bloggers putting their own spin on a timeless gardening craft. There is not one, but two schools here in Brooklyn that offer gardening classes that I know of off the top of my head, proving that succulents are the IT plant (don’t I sound like a fashion journalist right now?)

So here is my little version…

Potting soil, sand, succulents, rocks and a large glass vase from Ikea
Mix up your soil and sand 50/50 
Plant your plants!

I tried it with just rocks…

…then a little sailboat…

…but decided to keep Predator. UPDATE: Tom just informed me that is Alien.  Oops.


Here is our backyard.  My little slice of country in the city, if you will.  Even my slice of country is covered in bricks. Figures. After several summers of trying my hand at different vegetables and flowers, I’ve  resigned to the fact that there just isn’t enough sun in here to grow anything worth while.

Tall trees and tall buildings do not make for great sunlight

So this year I’m trying morning glories.  After a night of soaking the seeds in water, and then one night in the dirt, they have already poked through the soil! Here’s hoping the cats don’t scratch these out of the ground before they really have a chance to grow.

Our poor rose bush that literally grew about 4 feet in a matter of 2 weeks at the end of April once the leaves on the trees started to fill in. Gotta reach for that sun around here!

This is where you can usually find Allen.

And my girl Ella is never far from me or any of my projects.

And here is a cute slug that Poe brought in…I mean seriously, he is sooo tiny and cute! Look at those ears! (ears?) We brought him out to the rose bush after his photo shoot.

Did you get any planting done this weekend, in the back yard or in a household planter?  Pull any cute, but not so welcome critters off of your pets?  Keep your fingers crossed that my morning glories make it this year!