Christmas Decorations!!

I absolutely love decorating for Christmas. Each year we put up a fake tree with some non-traditional colors in our dining room and get a real tree with traditional Norwegian decorations in our living room.   I put up our fake tree on Black Friday.  It’s a small white tree with white lights.  I used to decorate it with blue and purple and white whimsical decorations such as crystal snowflakes,, cherubs, and glittery icicles.

Last year I decided it was time for a change and bought packages of bold jewel toned plastic balls. I found an gold roll of ribbon that goes great with the other colors.  To finish the tree I added a bow instead of a star at the top.

 I also hung up some of my gold wreaths over my mirror with some more gold ribbon.
I think simple decorations are the best.  I have collected a ton of glass vases from all of the weddings I’ve been too, and I like to put decorations into them that you wouldn’t expect, such as a string of lights, or ornaments.

I’ll be putting up the real tree in a few more weeks so I’ll post some pictures of my traditional Norwegian decorations soon!   

Glam Pumpkins

I saw these in Hoboken a few days ago – super cool!  I’ve already tossed my pumpkins and gourds for this season but I’m definitely going to pick up some spray paint next year!