Like most people my age in NYC, I am still renting.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my apartment in Brooklyn – it’s a great space for the money.  And best of all – I have a YARD. Don’t get too excited, I don’t have grass, but I do have a private, fenced in, concrete, outdoor space.  More about my apartment later.  I constantly dream about the home and yard I will someday own.  I am currenlty drooling over this super easy DIY project that would give any outdoor area some romantic charm.  I will definitely try this next summer if the landlord gives it the OK. And so much more chic than tiki torches…

Check it out here Empty wine bottles become outdoor torches! The possibilities are endless with different bottle colors and shapes…


Ahh, my first blog (well at least for myself, you can see my guest blogs here and here for my friend Jen). Where to start?  Kilo Bravo is an old nickname from college (think international radio spelling alphabet) and I always really liked the ring to it. I’m in my late twenties, living in Brooklyn, working in Manhattan, and I grew up in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. I’m a tax accountant by day which leaves my creative side feeling ignored (although, I am pretty handy with excel). 
Expect to see interior design ideas (and hopefully some of my own work!).  Expect to see recipes as I try to learn how to cook for my patient boyfriend.  Expect to see some nerdy jokes and science stuff that interests me (my boyfriend has helped me really embrace my inner nerd).  Expect to see hostess-ing ideas and pictures from parties I throw (first idea to steal from this site is WINE NIGHT). Expect to see a lot of parentheses. And definitely expect to see pictures of cats.  
Here are a few for your viewing pleasure:  My kitties Ella, Allen, and Poe. Ella and Poe are from the same litter, and we inherited Allen a few months later. I’m not a creepy cat lady, because thankfully, my boyfriend loves me.  If he ever leaves me, I’m screwed.
Poe Poe looking pissed

Allen AKA Fatty AKA Stretchy Cat

Ella in her dead bug pose