Wedding Fun Wednesdays – 50’s Bridal Shower Part 2 – Dish Soap Apron Favors Tutorial

Continuing the fun from my 1950’s Housewife themed bridal shower, today we are looking at the favors I made for my guests. I got this idea from this blog post that I saved a few years ago (pre-Pinterest). The original idea was to have the guests make their own aprons. I saved all of this fun for myself (greedy, I know) so my guests could spend more time chatting, eating, and drinking.

Get those drinks ladies!!!

You might remember this picture from a teaser post from a few months ago:

I picked out some fun floral fabric quarters so that I could have a variety of aprons available for my guests, in the hopes that everyone would find an apron that tied in with their kitchen’s home decor.

My very technical approach (isn’t there a sarcasm font out there yet??) to this was to free hand a pattern on a piece of cardboard, and to trace onto the back side of the fabric.  I left a little room for a hem when I cut them out, and broke out the iron and glue gun to give these some clean edges.  If I had a sewing machine, I might’ve tried my hand at that, but this worked just fine for me.



Next up, I added my embellishments – ribbon for around the “neck” and “waist”, some lace to pretty it up, and of course some pearls! What, you don’t have a set of pearls for when you are washing dishes? Well if you make this for yourself, you will!




This is a super easy project that didn’t take much time per apron.  As with all of these wedding projects, the time killer was in the volume.  I crafted 45 of these lil gals over the course of several evenings.  But these would be great as a gift for any lady for any time of the year, especially if you are so inclined to make a matching apron for the lady herself.


I was pleased with how these came out considering how imprecise my measurements were.  I love the extra pops of color they brought to the white linens on the tables.

I hope my guests liked them too!



Me and my bridesmaids!!

Decor, attire, games, and a few special gifts that deserve their own post coming up soon!  I really know how to drag out this bridal shower fun, huh?

Want to see more? Check out this post on some of the paper goods from the shower!


Wedding Fun Wednesdays – 50’s Bridal Shower Part 1 – Paper Goods

Me on the left, my amazing MOH and best friend on the right! Polka dot city!!

I may have mentioned this before, but I’m not a huge fan of surprises…I am what you might call an “over-planner”.  Excel is my best friend and I make lists for EVERYTHING.  So when I got engaged and the conversations rolled around to planning my bridal shower, I made it clear that I already had ideas and was intent on being involved.

So when years ago I saw this post on Hostess With The Mostess Blog  I saved the link in my trusty excel (Ew, remember when before there was Pinterest you had to do stuff like that?? I try not to think about those dark days.). Fast forward to a few months ago and I shared my idea with my mother, maid of honor, and other bridesmaids.  They liked the idea so we moved forward.

The easiest way to introduce the tone of a themed shower is obviously through the invitations.  There are so many great invitations on Etsy that I had a hard time choosing one, but in the end, we went with these invites from this seller:

These recipe cards and Thank You cards from this seller:

And this message (so there was no doubt about our intentions!) that I just made in Word and printed from home:

The theme of this shower is “50’s housewife”. We 
encourage you to dress up in your most happenin’ 
1950’s attire!


In lieu of greeting cards, please fill out the enclosed 


recipe card to add to Kayla’s collection of 


trusted recipes.

How cute, right? 

I brought in more color and polka dots by making these little seating cards with some card stock and a Word document with another Anne Taintor picture:

The “T” and “K” I got on clearance at Urban Outfitters
I used some beautiful floral paper with white frames for the table numbers. I simply printed my table numbers in font size 450 (!) and carefully cut out the black numbers, and used a glue stick to stick them onto the patterned paper. Popped it in a frame and voila!

A special thanks to my bridesmaid Eilis for playing photographer for the day and capturing all of these pictures for me!

Next up…favors, attire, games and decor!