Welcome Back to I am Kilo Bravo {Vague Explanations and Managing Expectations}

**First written in October of 2017****Edited again in March 2018****Finally posting in October 2018** I started this blog in October of 2010.  Blogging was VERY different back then. Popular, even.  Many have predicted the death of blogs due to Instagram and podcasts, but there are still a TON out there that I love reading. And […]

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It was all good just a month ago…

Life has been really weird for the past month. Surreal. Bizarro. We are all safe and healthy. But our house…our house is not right now. But it will be again (like hopefully by October when our short term apartment lease runs out).   It’s a long, annoying story.  And generally I’m not really one to […]


ORC: The Big Boy Room – The Reveal! {ORC Spring 2016: Week 6}

You might be asking yourself “Wait, what happened to Week 5’s post?” And if you’ve been following along on this challenge (or noticed my instagram feed to the right), you might have also guessed this happened: Yup, Theodore Raiden decided to join us on May 1st, when I was just a day short of 36 […]

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ORC: The Big Boy Room – Wallpaper & Closet! {ORC Spring 2016: Week 4}

So last weekend, Tom and I tackled the wallpaper wall. Cue the dramatic thunder and lighting sound effects…and then sweet birds tweeting as a rainbow emerges. Maybe it was because I over worry, and Tom under worries, but putting up the wallpaper was surprisingly easy.  We did some mental prep work during the week, discussing […]

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ORC: The Big Boy Room – Getting Started {ORC Spring 2016: Week 3}

Welcome back! So in my Before post, I mentioned we had fixed a few of the annoying parts about this room. This was all PIY (pay it yourself) because we discussed and quickly decided to hire some contractors to come in for 4 days and deal with all the issues in ALL the rooms on […]