Halloween Treats #3 – Yummy Mummy Dip!

Another one from HostessBlog that I had to try.  I don’t have a good reason why, but I don’t own a handheld  mixer.  I think the fool in me is holding out for the KitchenAid stand mixer and/or a food processor, but both of those purchases are #1 on the expensive side, and #2 won’t even […]

Halloween Treats #2 – Cupcake Monsters!

This project definitely begged to me to be creative.  I made a few based on the directions from HostessBlog, and then realized that leaving a side of the mini cupcake/regular cupcake exposed made it look like little people!    I loved the idea of the mini cupcake on top of the regular cupcake giving you so […]

Halloween Treats #1 – “Dexter” Slides” – Sorta

I love the show Dexter.  So when I found this recipe on forkableblog.com it sounded easy enough (three ingredients?!?!) I had to try it. I had read through the comments on the original site and someone had suggested substituting white grape juice for the 2 tablespoons of water to make it taste better.  So I decided […]

The Kindness of Strangers

So living in NYC has definitely jaded me a bit when it comes to dealing with strangers.  After growing up in a small rural town where you said hello to everyone you passed in the supermarket whether you knew them or not (often times you did), it took me a while to get used to […]

Staircase Storage

If I still lived in a cramped apartment in Manhattan I would jump at this…and since my step ladder is one of my most used items in my house now, can I somehow borrow this design in my future kitchen?? The other ideas on the site are pretty cool too.  Check em out: http://www.dannykuo.com/staircase.html (via […]