Halloween Treats #1 – “Dexter” Slides” – Sorta

I love the show Dexter.  So when I found this recipe on forkableblog.com it sounded easy enough (three ingredients?!?!) I had to try it. I had read through the comments on the original site and someone had suggested substituting white grape juice for the 2 tablespoons of water to make it taste better.  So I decided to try that first.

Being new to making candy, I have to guess that I either didn’t cook the mixture long enough in the first place or the white grape juice just threw everything off.  Basically it never hardened.  This is what it looked like after 30 minutes in the fridge. Completely malleable…
Since the recipe said it should set in about 10 minutes in open air, I knew I had to trash it and start from scratch.  I now have a huge bottle of corn syrup that I’ll probably never use for anything else so I wasn’t too upset about starting again.  I really loved how the first batch smelled so for the second batch I decided to go with 1 ½ tablespoons of water and only ½ tablespoon of grape juice.  And I let it boil for about 10 minutes.  The difference in the mixture’s texture was immediately apparent as I poured it out on the parchment on my counter.  (By the way, it was hard to flatten the mixture with the edges of the baking tray in my way – the mixture pretty much goes where you tell it to so I just laid out my parchment on the counter and we were fine.)

Now cutting this into strips was MUCH harder than they said it would be in my opinion.  After about half of the mixture cracking, my boyfriend told me to call it broken bloody glass and call it a day.  I watered down a few red drops of coloring with a few drops of water and dipped the edges.  I was going to an adult only party and warned the guests ahead of time that the candy actually was pretty sharp.  Definitely smooth the edges if you plan to serve these to children.  Your fingertip and a little water go a long way.
All in all – I really liked the way they came out!
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