Halloween Treats #2 – Cupcake Monsters!

This project definitely begged to me to be creative.  I made a few based on the directions from HostessBlog, and then realized that leaving a side of the mini cupcake/regular cupcake exposed made it look like little people!   
I loved the idea of the mini cupcake on top of the regular cupcake giving you so much more room to decorate and I think this could definitely be used for other holidays (Christmas trees, snowmen, Santas….can you tell I already have Christmas on the brain?)
By the time I was on this project I only had a about two hours to get on to the mummy dip and get dressed in my costume so you can tell that I started to lose my patience with the different faces and monsters. 

I learned the Milano cookie as a headstone trick at my friend Allison’s the night before! Too cute!
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