Wedding Fun Wednesday – Paper Rosettes

Since craft stores like Michael’s aren’t exactly around the corner, I actually make plans with friends to hit it up.  Unfortunately, my next trip to Michael’s isn’t planned until this coming weekend.  So any progress on the faux book centerpieces and other projects are on hold until I can stock up on more string and spray paint and fabric (and the list goes on…).

In the meantime, I found this awesome paper rosette tutorial via Pinterest. I’ve tried a few others…like this one, and this one, and maybe it’s me, but I just wasn’t digging how they were turning out.  I love what the original creators were getting – but I wasn’t getting the same effect when I was doing it myself. The tutorial I stuck with only required a few simple items, namely paper, a glue gun, and wire:

The original tutorial is super easy to follow from 100LayerCake – so I’m not going to try to recreate it here.  From my own experience, it seemed to work best if I rolled the length of each petal around a pen, so that it would attach to the stem more easily, withoutcrinkling the paper, then rolling the tips of each petal in my fingertip, in the opposite direction that I rolled the length of the petal:






I made a handful so far – my first one had some more space in between each petal as I fanned them out, but for the next few I glued in the petals a bit more snugly.  I LOVE how they came out.  They are quite sturdy too, so I know they will be fine 8 months from now when I actually need them for the wedding. My intention was to add these to the real flowers and succulents in the centerpieces only, but I think these might even be sweet enough to make it into the bouquets and boutineers! What do you guys think?? Made any paper flowers lately? I’ve got some more paper crafts I’ve been slowly working on to show you next week.  With the monotony of some of these projects, and the sheer amount of items I need for the wedding, I’ve been skipping from project to project every couple nights to mix things up!

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