Wedding Fun Wednesdays – Glammed Up Shower Tags

So if you look closely at this post…I actually snapped some pics of the “ingredients” to today’s post.  I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in LA for a bachelorette/bridal shower honoring one of my very best friends.  And the best part – was that her bridesmaids enlisted me to get crafty and make the tags for her shower favors.  Enlisted might not be the right word…more like I begged and pleaded with them to give me a project to do partially because I love my girl Joli so much, and partially because I just love breaking out my tweezers to glue rhinestones to stuff (true story).

Joli’s bridesmaids came up with a super cute theme of a glammed up bridal shower with references to Sex and the City because – Joli lives here with me in NYC. Lots of hot pink and jet black decor adorned the tables at the delicious restaurant they rented out.  You can’t mention SATC without thinking about how famous Cosmopolitans became because of the show, so what better vessel for some candy and candles than martini glasses!

And  here are my little creations.  We played around with a few catch phrases for the Thank You tag and settled on this:

Simple print outs from Word on white paper
This is velvet paper glued to the regular paper to sandwich the feather and give some added texture.

I set out to the dollar store for supplies and came back with a role of ribbon, a feather duster, and some rhinestone stickers that are meant for the backs of cellphones.  

It took me a few hours over several days to get these done.  When it comes to projects like this, breaking it up into smaller, more manageable tasks, is the only way to go for me. The process was pretty simple, and probably not worth describing in detail here – but if you have any questions ask me in the comments!

I’m super happy with the way they came out. And for a whopping $3 at the dollar store and some elbow grease, they were well worth it!

Some gratuitous shots of the shower:

Welcome Table
DELICIOUS Dessert Table – seriously, everything was Ah-Mah-zing
Black and Pink!
Joli and I in front of her gift table – another friend created the poster of a city skyline!

I’m kicking it into high gear for my shower coming up in July…invites are in the mail and I’ll be sharing them with you next week!

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