So this happened today:

I met John & Sherry Petersik from Young House Love!

I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I have actually been feeling nervous and anxious about this for the past week!  They finally came to NYC for their book signing tonight at FLOR in SoHo (the original date was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy damage). I really did not know what to expect – but once I rounded the street and saw them handing out bags of popcorn to people waiting on line (almost all the way down the block) I knew it would  be fun!

There was plenty of complementary cookies, popcorn and wine inside.
There was a step and repeat camera set up to take photos in front of one of the many colorful rugs that were displayed around the showroom:
Yup, me and my two books (I was so eager to own their book I accidentally pre-ordered it twice (several weeks apart) on Amazon! I got the second book signed for my friend Jen).


And of course – I got to meet John and Sherry!!  They were super sweet, and even after over an hour and half of signing books (with another hour and a half to go!), they were super cheery when I got up to the table.  Admittedly, I pretty much choked when I tried to speak to them, but I think I mumbled something about being excited to meet them, loving their blog, and mentioning that I had been following them since the day the moved into their current house, and something about John getting into a accident with the moving van (and I’m sure he was sooo happy I brought that up). I was chatting with a few of the workers there and someone said they thought there were 700 people who RSVP’d before they closed the RSVP sign up.  700 PEOPLE.

Even though I was completely star struck and could barely spit out sentences, it was a fun evening and now I have a book that says this:
Thank YOU Sherry and John!!
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