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Falloween Centerpiece! {Pumpkin Parade Linky Party}

I’m going to interrupt my wedding catch up posts to join in the Pumpkin Parade!  Who doesn’t love this time of year – if I could count how many times I saw someone post “First pumpkin iced chai latte of the season!” on their fb newsfeeds I would be, well, counting very high.  But for reals, Fall is the best season, especially in the Northeast.  Stockings and scarves for the win!

So Saturday it was my turn to host Book Club and we read The Cuckoo’s Calling. I really loved it – we don’t often read whodunit’s in BC, but when we do I always think I need to read more of this genre. We always do potluck and people really brought their A games in Fall comfort food. I have no pictures of the food, but trust me, it was good (you can check our some of the past dishes we’ve made on our shared Pinterest board).  Since I was scrambling to have the house clean enough for guests I didn’t try a new recipe, but made my tried and true Semi-Homemade Chili. That dish is bangin’ I tell ya, and did not disappoint. 

The day before I went out on my lunch break ready to spend monayyy on fall decor.  Sometimes I’m just in the mood to spend money on stuff, but alas, nothing was grabbing my attention at any of the seven stores I went to. I finally picked up this black feathery owl who I thought had the right combo vibe of fall and halloween (Falloween, if you will) so I can leave him up through November from Century 21.  I had to actually purchase these mini pumpkins and this little carving pumpkin because I haven’t been upstate to raid my mother’s garden yet this year.  Plopped down next to some fake leaves from our Fall Date Night gift from my sister-in-law last year and some leftover amber votives from the wedding (still for sale if anyone wants them! (shameless plug, sorry)) and this centerpiece was done, yo.  The wire pumpkin was a gift a few years back, and the chargers are from Walmart, and plates and napkins were from Anthropologie. Sometimes I think more is more when it comes to holiday decorations, but in this case, I think my less is more tablescape works.

My neighborhood packs in the parades and festivals the first weekend of October. Saturday was the Ragamuffin Parade, and holy shnikes, was our ‘hood a zoo.  It was super cute seeing all the kids dressed up, but I seriously think that is the most packed I’ve ever seen 3rd Avenue.  It took us about 45 minutes to walk one block to grab coffee and come back.  It was cute though and sooo warm out, so it was worth it a few minutes of insanity.  Sunday was the 3rd Avenue Festival, which is like any other street festival in that vendors come in and line the streets.  I didn’t get to venture out for that because I was indoors canning and jamming with my aunt and cousin.  Oh yeah. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was “all-Fall” this past weekend.

This was my first real foray into canning and jamming and it was a blast (not to be confused with KanJam the game, because, yes, a friend asked me that and she shall remain nameless).  Having the right tools and a few sets of hands and counterspace really makes this process go smoothly, so it went as smooth at it could go in my teeny kitchen.  You may recognize this pic from my fb page – we tried two recipes and they were both a success. Carrot Cake Jam was super sweet and I think will be delicious on some vanilla ice cream or on some warm croissants.  The Fresh Herb Jelly had a nice savory flavor – a little more subtle than I would like, but it was a great way to finally use some of basil I’ve been growing and will be delicious with some stinky cheese and crackers.  I am a convert and can’t wait to try new recipes and methods!

Just for fun, since I didn’t get a chance to link up my TV console to any of the other Fall Decor linky parties earlier this month, behold:

I know my pumpkin centerpiece wasn’t the most elaborate, but sometimes, you gotta work with what you got!  I got so much done this past weekend, I’m not even a little bit disappointed in myself. For some real inspiration go check out the WAY more creative and innovative pumpkin projects linked up to these blogs:
Remember, half the fun is meet new blogs and to leave a comment!!!  I’m a regular reader of Newlywoodwards and Decor and the Dog, but I’ve found a ton of new blogs to add to my daily reading list!

Happy Fall, Y’all!

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