Staircase Storage

If I still lived in a cramped apartment in Manhattan I would jump at this…and since my step ladder is one of my most used items in my house now, can I somehow borrow this design in my future kitchen??

The other ideas on the site are pretty cool too.  Check em out: (via

Modern Trees

I was sitting in a waiting room the other day and was gazing at the décor of the room and low and behold I noticed a gorgeous silver “tree” lamp stand.  The picture is a little fuzzy but you can get the gist of it.  The slim silver trunk and large round black lamp shade was modern and simple (as was the rest of the room), but the detail of the tree bark gave it some warmth and a traditional feel.  When I think of how traditional or contemporary a room is, my first indicator is usually how much wood is visible (think oak table vs. glass table). However, I think this piece is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles.  Finding that balance is something I covet.
It reminded me of a picture I had once torn out of a magazine years ago.  It was a picture of an updated kitchen with a single wall covered in birch tree wallpaper.  There was just something about it that spoke to me.  In my opinion, there are only a few types of acceptable wall paper prints, and birch trees are somehow at the top of the list (I’m also a sucker for toile – don’t judge me).  After a quick Google search it seems there are a ton out there, some with color, some in a forest setting, etc. The shades of black and white is my favorite 
This green one is pretty sweet too.
My Google-ing skills seem to be lacking when it came to finding the silver tree lamp stand.  Anyone know where it’s from?

UPDATE:  Yay!! I found it! They are pretty cheap and also come in white. is a favorite of mine – I should’ve known they would be from from this site!