A Recycled Wedding Part 2 {This is where you buy stuff from me}

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Cat Photo Bomber Not Included.

Ok friends, you’ve all heard about how much I loved planning my wedding. Part of how we saved money was by crafting the decor ourselves, purchasing wholesale instead of renting, or by purchasing second-hand items.  Now, I’d like to pass along my decor to another bride so she can keep her costs down (and also keep Tom from divorcing me by finally getting rid of this stuff!).  I’ll be posting all of these items on’s  “Recycle Your Wedding” tab in about a week but I wanted to give you guys first dibs!  Without further ado:


Fine Birdcage Blusher Veil – Sara Gabriel’s Edie Veil – worn for all of 1 hour – $50



17 Burlap and Gray Rosette Runners – Approximately 120″ x 9″ – Perfectly imperfect and
28 White linen runners 120″ x 14″ by  – purchased wholesale – $150 for all runners





14 Hand painted Gray and Gold Leaf Book Planters with Stringed Book Pages-  I have extra materials to make 4 additional books (with or without planter hole)) at your request.  These can easily be flipped over if you decide not to use the cut sides – selling $150 for 14, $175 for 18


Six  Four antique white medium lanterns (10″ tall) with candles (purchased second hand, but I never used them) $7 each or $25 for all 4.  and 3 large antique white (15″) and 3 large antique blue lanterns (15″) (purchased new, never used) – selling all 12 for $150





25 Handmade Moss Cans with chicken wire – (I just realized I never showed you guys how 
these came out at the wedding!! Here ya go – perfect with a big hydrangea) – $100




108 Clear, 48 Turquoise, 24 Amber votives – some used/most new
36 smaller turquoise votives with tealights
Not shown – 60 oil burning candles that fit perfectly in the votives – 10 hours of burn time
Not shown – 96 small candles that fit perfectly in the votives – 10 hours of burn time
$100 for all candles/votives/oil burners – available for pick up only!!
Not shown – probably almost 200 50 old books – see this link – these are going for FREE and are for pick up only.  I have all sorts of sizes and shapes, and a ton of small red books (would look super cute stacked up on a dessert table or gift table).  I used 2- 3 of them under each cardboard book as my centerpieces.  They have screw holes in them because they were screwed together as part of a window display.  They would also be great for all sorts of DIY project (book lamp anyone?)



Given the bulk of these items, shipping fees may be expensive and are NOT included in the prices above.  All items are definitely available for pick up in Brooklyn, and depending on the item, I may be willing to meet in Manhattan or Albany for a drop off. I’ll be posting all of these items on Ruffledblog – so if you or someone you know are interested please feel free to leave me a comment here or on my Kilo Bravo Inspired Facebook Page, or email me at

All of these items are being sold for literally a FRACTION of the cost (and trust me when I say I spent months on the handmade items).  I would be happy to NEGOTIATE the prices!!  I hope someone enjoys these items as much as we did!


“WFW” Book Centerpieces – Final Reveal!

Creating with the Stars


Yes folks, I’m throwing my blooming books wedding centerpieces into the ring to try out for Creating with the STARS!!  Click over to vote for me – the stars pick the top 11 and the submission with the most clicks gets the 12th spot! Find my submission in the linky party (Scroll to #177) and CLICK ON IT! Wish me luck!

And if you landed here because I asked you to vote on my Facebook page – thank you! Success!

And now back to our regularly scheduled program:


Prepare yourself folks.  I’m jam packing this post with lots of pictures because I still have a ton of wedding projects to share. Last we left off on the topic, I was a string-gluing fiend, trying to get my “books” in order for our centerpieces.  After I finally got all of our “pages” glued on, next up were some finishing touches – another layer of spray paint (they got a little scuffed up from being handled constantly), some gold paint on the spines, cutting the actual holes for the planters, and a few layers of spray sealant (to avoid more scuffing).


Imagine my elation when I realized I needed 20+ somethings that were a few inches tall to raise the books off of the ground while spray painting and I knew just the thing to use:


I blame/am proud of the fact that I have so many shot glasses because I went to college here: Go Danes!

After a long time of looking for alternatives, we finally decided to just keep our little succulent plants in their green plastic pots, and we simply cut holes in the top of each book.  The cardboard was surprisingly hard to cut through, and we ended up using a combination of hammering holes around the circumference of our circle-to-be, and then using a pair of heavy duty shears to cut away the opening.  The outcome wasn’t the cleanest, but once the pot was in there, it was hardly noticeable.  I contemplated adding a paper doily to the edge, or draping some more burlap around the edge, but in the end, we were getting lazy and running out of time.  I was overall extremely happy with how they came out!


The table numbers were hand drawn on resume paper – quick, cheap, and easy!  I had tons of this turquoise wire from a failed project and decided to make my own table number holders by simply wrapping the wire around the mouth of a water bottle.  I added my paper rosettes to my succulents and we were practically ready to go.



Those tall succulents on the right were actually called a “matrimony” plant!

The table runners were another agonizingly long project, strictly because of the volume. Twenty two runners ended up costing me approximately $130, which was muuuch cheaper than renting linens.  I simply cut out strips of the rosette fabric 120″ x 6″, and with my 4″ burlap strips folded over creating a hem around all four edges, they ended up being approximately 122″ x 9″.


Helper Cats
My god they love to iron.

I found it worked easier if I ironed the burlap in half first, then went back and covered the edges of the rosette fabric and inserted my iron on hem tape on the top side.  I didn’t bother adding it to the bottom because it seemed to catch enough as it was, and since there was already a nice iron fold, I wasn’t concerned about it coming apart.  I also purchased plain white 124″ x 14″ table runners from a wholesale linen company for $3.30 a piece, and rented gold linen napkins through our tent company. They looked great together!

I plan to sell off most of this decor now that the wedding is over – once I get my inventory organized (some people took some things after the wedding as keepsakes so I need to figure out how much I have left of each  item) I’ll be back with a post of what is available! Leave a comment if you are interested in anything or would like more explicit details on how to make any of these items yourself!