My Little Street Robot

Well, he isn’t mine, but I’d like to think he is…he says hello every morning as I run past him into my office, and goodbye every night as I wait to cross Madison Avenue.  While in general I find destruction of private property (are NYC streets considered private?) disappointing and grotesque, there is some street […]

“Ghetto Mulled Cider”

I’m not the greatest cook or baker, although, and my boyfriend can agree, I’ve come a looooong way in the past three years.  My grandmother and my mother are famous for their cooking abilities – so I’m not really sure what my excuse is.  Naturally I am constantly on the phone with my mother asking […]


Book Club

As mentioned in my post about Wine Night I am also an active member in a book club with a few friends.  I love this group as well because it combines friends, books, movies, and another excuse to try out recipes.  This has grown organically as well.  We started out as three friends that all […]

Pumpkin Pi

The nerd in me loves this idea!  Check it out here:


My friends are scattered all over and around New York state. Since it can be hard to find the time to see one another, we basically formed “clubs” to have an excuse to get together at least every other month.  These clubs are fondly referred to as book club and wine night.  They serve similar […]